Off The Shelf

As you might suspect, because I love books I often end up with multiple copies of the same title. The first place I go in a thrift shop or garage sale is the  books. Friends who know I love to read will give me copies of their favorite books. 23 years of bookselling and attending the Midwest Booksellers fall gatherings exposed me to many titles, either as ARCs (advanced reader copy) or actual books. So it follows that as time has gone on I have accumulated thousands of books.

I have well over 40 linear feet of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves crammed with books and more in boxes, bags, closets, stacked under my bed,…Well you get the picture.  Now it’s time to share.

Lists of available titles will be posted soon. If there is a title you are looking for, let me know. If I don’t have it in my collection I will try to find it for you from one of the suppliers I’ve dealt with over the years.