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Review of The Joy of Intercession: A Happy Intercessor Devotional by Benni Johnson

I recently received an advanced reader copy of Benni Johnson’s Happy Intercessor. It’s subtitle “A 40 Day Encounter” lets you know that this is not a book intended to just entertain or inform a reader about the subject of intercession. The book starts with a dedication to the reader thanking them, not just because they bought the book, but for taking the time to go through the book, seeking to know God, and be changed by our encounters with Him in the process of going through the pages.
As Benni states at the beginning of her introduction this book is designed to be a continuation of the concepts and principles presented in “The Happy Intercessor” but don’t feel that you can’t do this great book without first reading that one. The introduction is an overview of Benni’s view of intercession through a series of questions and answers and then the fun begins.
Each day’s devotion is made up of four parts. It begins with a Scripture verse, then a devotion that is an excerpt from “The Happy Intercessor” which lay the groundwork for the questions in Reflections. These 4-6 questions are designed to help you take a look at your thoughts about yourself and that day’s aspect of intercession. The fourth part is Meditative Action, a second short excerpt from “The Happy Intercessor” where Benni shares her own actions in relationship to the day’s topic and two actions that the reader can pursue.
This book could easily be used as a self guided study for anyone who wants to go deeper in the things of God, particularly as it pertains to intercession. I was challenged in some of my thinking to go beyond not just in prayer, but with God. I would highly recommend this book not just to those interested in prayer and intercession, but for anyone who feels stagnate in their relationship with God and for those who want a deeper, more real, relationship with Him.

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