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The opening ramble

After years of reading it is time to start writing.
My earliest memories include books.They’ve been one of the few constants in my life serving as my friends, my teachers, my entertainment, and they even brought me to my salvation.They’ve expanded my horizons as I’ve traveled through time and space. They’ve allowed me to experienced cultures and cuisines, challenged my preconceptions, and played a major role in forming the person I am today. At every stage of my life I could count on books to help me find my way, even when everything around me was in chaos.
As time goes on with this blog I may share some of my history and the role books have played along the way, but for the first steps along our journey together I’ll keep to a broader picture.
My love affair with books had me spending my free periods at school volunteering in libraries starting in fifth grade. From that point on I spent hours helping the librarians, which was really helpful any time I had to do a research paper in high school because I knew how to access every resource I had available to me. After leaving school, as a wife with young children and a husband who worked out of town a week at a time, books were my salvation, providing companionship and adult conversation during long, lonely hours. After a few years I started working a part-time job to save my sanity right across the hall from the local B. Dalton Bookseller. Within 2 years I was working for them. After their lease was not renewed I was blessed to get hired by someone who wanted to add a bookstore to her yarn shop and needed someone with bookselling experience to help her make decisions for opening inventory. I got to pick the opening inventory for that store and have had the privilege of continuing that work for the last 23 years. Along the way my life has had its ups and downs. My sons have grown, my marriage has ended, and life goes on.
What I read depends on what’s happening in my life at any given moment. My preferences are Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Inspirational, Motivational/Business, Children’s, Cooking, Knitting, and a whole lot more. I read while I eat, in the bathroom, in the tub, in bed, on the porch, at the beach, waiting for the computer to boot, and any other time I can. I have learned that I can not read when I drive (street signs only please and make it quick!) and it is really uncool to be reading when you are on the phone with a friend who really is trying to have a conversation with you (they get hurt and you come off like a jerk).
In the days ahead I will share what I’m currently reading and my thoughts along the way. You will learn that I have many opinions and issues. I don’t expect that you will always agree with me, but I hope you enjoy whatever part of the journey we share together.
Good night for now, it’s time to read!!!

Today’s reading: Julie Garwood – The Gift
Lisa Sabin-Wilson – WordPress for Dummies 2nd Edition

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