I love books. When people question, “How do you survive the long, subzero winters of northern Minnesota?” my  favorite response to them is, “God created winters especially so I could stay inside and have more time to read!”  This blog is about  books, what I have read, what I am reading, and how it is shaping what I am thinking about. I will talk about the questions that arise in me and I invite you to share your thoughts. We may not always agree, but I welcome discussion.

As to who I am…I am a mother of 3 adult sons, on my own the last few years after my husband of 30 years decided he wanted to do other things. I have been the buyer of an independent bookseller for the last 23 years, best job ever if you’re a bookworm like me, although some might say it’s like giving an alcoholic the keys to the bar! Dangerous!!! The last year of the marriage I returned to college after a 25+ year hiatus. In May of 2008 I received my Associate of Arts degree from Mesabi Range Community College and May 2010 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ashford University. As the bookstore is only a part-time job, while in school I worked nights for 3 years at the local Super 8 up until  April 2011. March 2011 saw the start of my work with a web design company as a search engine optimizer.  Anyway that’s a part of me in a nutshell. There is more you will discover as we go along.