So What Do I Expect to Get Out of 23 Mobile Things?

How do you know if you’ve accomplished what you set out to achieve if you don’t first identify where you think you are going? That is the challenge before me, to identify what I hope to get out of 23 Mobile Things.

I am a ┬árelative newbie when it comes to “smart” phones and mobile technology. My sons gave me a Kindle 4 years ago and then upgraded me to a Kindle Fire a year ago, but I’ve only ever used them for reading. ┬áI got my first smartphone, a Galaxy S4, in July 2013 and while I have figured out a few things there is so much for me to learn about apps and how to determine which are the most useful and the most versatile. So the the first thing I expect to get out of 23 Mobile Things is a better understanding of what my device is capable of and how to get more use out of it.

A second factor is that our community and local library is in an area with an older population, many of whom are like me and just now getting into their first “smart” devices. The second thing I expect to get out of 23 Mobile Things is the ability to help our patrons when they come in with their devices and have questions about how and where to best use their devices.

So my objectives:

  • To discover what apps are available for my Android (Galaxy S4) device
  • To learn how to use those apps more effectively
  • To become comfortable enough about the apps to be able to teach others where to find them and how to use them

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